The indoor pool at Piz Galin is a hub of joy for all ages. Children can safely frolic in the shallow waters, enjoying the splash and fun, while parents can savor moments of serenity in the large whirlpool. As the weather warms, extend your aquatic enjoyment outdoors in our heated pool — welcoming even in winter at a comfortable 30 degrees. For us, true wellness is about the joy of being together, like a family.


Pool world completely accessible to children!

What can you find
in the Pool World?

Heated pool

Our hotel's indoor pool, consistently warm at 30°C, seamlessly flows into an outdoor area, offering scenic swims under the open sky. As you relax in the expansive pool, various whirlpools provide a rejuvenating escape, from gentle, bubbling massages to invigorating counter-current swimming.

Baby pool

A delightful haven for our youngest guests! The baby pool, with its shallow and warm waters, is the perfect safe space for children to play and splash around. Parents can relax as their little ones enjoy the laughter and fun of their own dedicated pool, creating cherished water memories.

Whirlpool cave

Step into our whirlpool cave for a journey into complete relaxation. Air and warm water jets caress your body, dissolving tensions and worries, while enchanting light shades create a mesmerizing ambiance. This unique experience is an oasis of inner well-being and serenity.

Relaxation area

After a refreshing swim in the pool, unwind in the cozy and comfortable relaxation room. Here, you'll find soft and spacious beds, perfect for accommodating an entire family for some well-deserved rest.

Look how much fun
I'm having, Mom!

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