Our History


  • 1905

    The Hotel Piz Galin in Andalo boasts a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century, beginning in 1905 with the visionary great-great-grandfather Felice Zeni. Originally a lumber merchant, Zeni ventured into the hospitality industry by investing in the construction of a facility that would later become a cornerstone of Andalo's tourism.

    Unique to Andalo was its structure, not as a single cluster of houses, but as 13 separate farms. The Zeni family resided at Maso Toscana, and it was here that Zeni chose to build a trattoria with rooms on land along the central road. This establishment, named Piz Galin in honor of the Brenta Dolomites mountain overlooking Andalo, quickly became a local landmark.
  • 1928-1929

    As Andalo began to attract summer tourists, Piz Galin evolved from a simple inn into a proper hotel with 15-16 rooms.
  • 1937-1938

    The building underwent significant modifications and expansions, particularly before and after the war. Under Grandfather Arturo and Grandmother Gemma, the small hotel expanded to accommodate over 100 guests, a substantial increase from its original 30 beds.

    The 1960s and 70s saw a boom in summer tourism, and Andalo witnessed the rise of numerous accommodation facilities. Winter tourism kicked off in 1961 with the construction of two cable cars to Paganella.
  • 1980

    In the 1980s, a new generation took the helm at Piz Galin. Liberio, the youngest son of Arturo and Gemma, alongside his wife Maria, passionately dedicated themselves to the hotel.
  • 1990

    After several minor updates, they undertook a major renovation in 1990, transforming Piz Galin into a modern, elegant, and welcoming establishment. Over the years, continuous improvements and upgrades were made to enhance guest services.
  • 2009

    A significant renovation led to the expansion of rooms into Suites and Junior Suites, providing more space for families.
  • 2016

    The next generational shift saw Massimo, son of Liberio and Maria, and his wife Sabrina take over, focusing on services and activities tailored for families with children. Their mission was to continuously innovate and improve hospitality, while staying true to the founding principles of Piz Galin's hospitality.
  • 2019

    With the addition of the brand new Sky Spa Dolomiti and the arrival of their first child Edoardo, the family's commitment to a family-oriented experience at Piz Galin has only deepened.

AND HERE WE ARE... today!

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