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History and PhilosophyThe Piz Galin Hotel of Andalo has a long history, which starts in the early years of the last century. Everything originated in 1905 with great-grandfather Felice Zeni. He was in the lumber business but decided to invest part of his capital to create a facility dedicated to hospitality.

A feature of Andalo was not to be a single group of houses but rather 13 farmsteads. The last one that was built is precisely the one that is the centre today. The Zeni family lived in the Toscana Farmstead and Great-Grandfather had the intuition to buy a plot of land where the main road crossed through and build a trattoria with a few rooms. From the start, it was called Piz Galin in honour of the Brenta Dolomite mountain that towers over Andalo.

In 1928-1929, in addition to people just passing though, there began to be real summer tourism and from a small inn, Piz Galin became a proper hotel with 15-16 rooms. Then in 1937-1938, the facility was further touched up and extended, going from 30 to 100 beds. The great transformation started before the war and was completed immediately after. The little inn had now become a hotel that could host more than 100 people. It was between the 60s and the 70s that summer tourism increased and the receiving facilities grew at Andalo. Winter tourism began in 1961; the ski era began with the construction of two cable cars.

From then, after various renovations, the facility was completely demolished in 1989 and reopened in 1990 with an entirely new hotel. And now, the last big renovation in 2009 to make it the perfect place for your holiday in the Dolomites. 

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